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Setting Goals For Your Divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

Part of why divorce is so challenging is that it disrupts each spouse’s plans for the future. What people expect from their lives will shift dramatically, and they often don’t know what to expect during divorce, let alone after their divorce is finalized.

Too many people move forward with divorce proceedings without taking the time to set goals first. They may then find themselves fighting needlessly over every issue that arises and paying far more because of that conflict. Setting goals is important for most people to do early in the divorce process, as this effort can help to direct the process from start to finish.

Every person’s divorce goals will be different

There is no one outcome that is ideal for everyone facing divorce. Some people have specific assets they want to protect. In some cases, it might be a marital home that someone hopes to preserve. Other times, the focus might be on retirement savings or a small business.

For many people, the primary concern during divorce will be child-related matters. They will happily compromise on other concerns to have as much time with their children as possible. People need to think carefully about their situation and learn a bit about state law so that they can set reasonable goals. They can then take the steps necessary, such as attending mediation, to achieve their goals.

Focusing on the big picture is the best approach

Those who set practical goals as they prepare for divorce have a better chance of achieving a positive outcome. Instead of fighting meaninglessly over every minor issue, those with clear goals have an easier time focusing on their long-term success. They may find it easier to compromise in some areas when they know the most important priority for them is elsewhere. They can also preserve more of their marital estate in many cases by keeping the overall cost of the process lower.

Sitting down to discuss one’s current circumstances – and what one hopes for in the future – with an attorney can help people set achievable goals as they begin preparing for divorce.